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New World gets better crafting costs on PTR

Published: 09:34, 27 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Crafting in New World
Crafting in New World

Crafting will become better in New World soon, should the PTR changes hit the live servers the way they are implemented for testing.

Amazon Game Studios keep adding changes based on feedback from New World players and the trend is having a positive impact on the game as well as its player count.tter

The devs now seem to be looking to improve existing systems further as crafting trade skills are getting several buffs.

First, the forge, outfitting station, workshop and arcane repository will have Azoth discounts for their recipes, based on the tier. Starting from Tier 3, the recipes will have 20 per cent Azoth discount, Tier 4 will have 30 per cent and Tier 5 will enjoy a whopping 45 per cent, which will probably translate into much easier endgame crafting.

Additionally, procedural weapon and armour recipes will no longer be gated behind tiers at all crafting stations while arcane repository will also free up health, mana, regeneration and focus potions as well as elemental recipes. Meanwhile, the kitchen will get the same treatment for health and mana foods.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Monarch's Bluffs Starting a new character won't be as scary anymore

At refining stations, the tier gating will be removed for:

  • Tier 3 unlocks with recipe level 100 or below
  • Tier 4 unlocks with level up to 150 and not legendary
  • Tier 5 unlocks with recipe level 200 or legendary at any level
  • Gemcutting for stonecutting table but gem fusions remain gated behind tiers

Overall, the levelling experience should be easier for new characters as they get access to better crafts earlier while high-level crafters will have a nuisance removed from their daily challenges.


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