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Kingshunt will be free to play when it releases

Published: 09:53, 28 October 2022

Vaki Games announced the monetisation plans for Kingshunt and should the numbers happen to be thought out, it will actually be really good.

Kingshunt is basically a third-person MOBA, somewhat similar to Smite but it will have a monetisation plan that will be much different from what the old-time players of Hi-Rez 's game were used to.

Vaki Games seems to be taking cues from Riot Games as they chose the game to be free-to-play with two types of currency - Shards that are gained through gameplay and Crystals that are the paid currency.

Shards will be used for unlocking heroes, runes and summons and although Crystals can also be used for these purchases, the devs stated they are looking to make the grind fair.

Crystals will be utilised in cosmetic purchases and there are currently no indications that these cosmetics will offer any kind of in-game advantage.

Additionally, when Kingshunt enters Early Access on November 3, 2022, nine out of 15 available heroes will immediately be unlocked for everyone, with a total of six heroes left to unlock with either Shards or Crystals.

The monetisation model is highly reminiscent of League of Legends , which proved it can work extremely well. After all, it is the MOBA with the biggest following in the world, with only Dota 2 as a potential competitor.


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