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New World to nerf shell companies soon

Published: 01:34, 27 October 2022
Amazon Games
New World - All out war
All out war is expected to happen often in New World, but not daily

One massive company dominating the entire map in New World might become a thing of the past after the nerfs from PTR hit the live servers.

Amazon Game Studios updated the PTR with nerfs for the shell companies, which are the main reason a small group of players can exert influence over an entire map in any New World server.

The simplified explanation for how it works is that one company creates more allied companies that are populated by a small portion of their players, who then initiate wars and invite the rest of their team as mercenaries, allowing the same group to keep multiple territories.

There are several changes on PTR that will aim to prevent this chain of occurrences as interrupting it at any point can cause it to fall apart.

First, there will be a daily war limit of one defensive and one attacking war per server, which resets at 5:00 AM server time each day. The limit applies to all the characters on an account.

For the daily limit to work properly, the game needs to force companies to participate in a war, which is why the number of available mercenaries will be shuffled - attacking companies can have up to 40 of them but defending companies can have only 15.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Rapier user ready to duel You might go for a bunch of duels while on war cooldown

In other words, at least 10 company members are required to participate in an attacking war while at least 35 are needed for a defending one.

The first thought one might have about the methods of circumventing the restrictions is to keep switching companies but AGS thought of it too so there is a 72-hour cooldown after you leave one before you can join another and participate in its influence gathering or defensive wars.


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