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Popeye joins World of Warships in another outworldly collab

Published: 18:03, 25 April 2023
Popeye in World of Warships
Popeye in World of Warships

World of Warships popped another weird crossover with Popeye the sailor joining the universe. At least the theme still tracks.

Wargaming didn't stop with weird crossovers in World of Warships and following the likes of a fully voiced Lady Liberty , we now have Popeye the Sailor Man to celebrate World Ocean Month.

This comes alongside a charity partnership connected to the aforementioned event which happens annually during the month of June and aims to raise awareness of the work needed to maintain the ecosystem.

WoWs players will be able to grab the Popeye Charity Bundle that includes Popeye and Bluto, two flags and a camo for the Tier VII USS Colorado.

While it may sound weird that the partnership is with a cartoon character whose face will be plastered all over Colorado, Popeye is the face of the support of The Sea Cleaners, who are focusing on preservation of the ocean. Therefore, even though it's stretched, the relationship does make sense.

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However, Wargaming didn't specify how exactly this bundle will support the charity and what percentage of the proceeds will go their way. Considering that the company was the subject of several controversies over the years, you may want to do some digging before committing to the charity this way.


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