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Caliber Victory Day event brings new mode and rewards

Published: 00:22, 25 April 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - Victory Day celebrations are starting soon
Caliber - Victory Day celebrations are starting soon

Caliber is getting its first event since the Steam launch and it is just around the corner.

Caliber will be celebrating Victory Day from April 26, 2023, and while the details are still scarce, the developers did announce the broad strokes of what we can expect.

First, there will be a new game mode, called Storm, and it is all about wrecking bots since it is in the purely PvE section.

Not all operators will be available in this mode, with a few characters being in the special collection that will see individuals from different countries fighting together.

According to the description on Steam,  the impact of every participant will influence the event so there is no need to sweat it if you get wiped - you are still contributing.

On top of that, the game mode will see the players moving "the frontline step by step" in their pursuit of unique rewards which hints that Storm will take cues from both Frontline and Onslaught.


In any case, the rewards are probably themed after World War 2, with operators from Russia, USA and UK being heavily implied as some of the chosen to participate in Storm.

The event's historical significance lies in the surrender of Nazi Germany in the late hours of May 8, 1945.


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