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World of Warships: Legends goes to space for April's Fools

Published: 02:58, 24 March 2021
World of Warships: Legends
World of Warships: Legends

Aprils Fools is arriving to World of Warships: Legends soon and the regular ships are going to become space ships, literally.

WoWS: Legends players will have an opportunity to check out literal space in the game soon. When the April Fools event kicks in next week, the ships will take off to space where the new Stellar Clash game mode will be played out.

There are three spaceships that the players can use to defend the stars:

  • Alldestroyer - A might battleship
  • Galaxy - multi-purpose cruiser
  • Rover - high-speed destroyer

Three commanders will take charge of these ships, including:

  • John Luke Pickup for the Alldestroyer
  • Shelly Beapley for the Galaxy
  • Space Fishy for the Rover

According to the announcement, having fully upgraded skills and abilities for these commanders will be vital to winning in Stellar Clash so be mindful of which skills you pick.

As for the mode itself, each battle will have nine players in total, along with a swarm of invaders who are trying to control the system. The goal is to be the last captain standing so the mode is basically a PvPvE version of a battle royale. Alternatively, the players can capture an objective to win the game.

Completing matches in this new mode will award Stellar Chips which can be used to acquiring permanent skins for various ships or acquiring the three commanders from space ships for the regular ships. Those who are patient with their currency might be able to grab Yukikaze, a premium destroyer.

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