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Destiny 2: Lightfall is getting a huge write-up soon

Published: 04:14, 13 February 2023
Destiny 2 - Lightfall
Destiny 2 - Lightfall

Guardians who are seeking more previews of Lightfall will probably be delighted to know that a massive block of text was announced.

Joe Blackburn, the Destiny 2 game director, has announced that he will publish a massive blog post on February 13, 2023.

The announcement came through his Twitter in a somewhat odd format, with a zoomed-out post-it note that simply stated more info about Lightfall and the future of Destiny 2 will come during the day, via 5,300 words.

This is not the first time Bungie did one of these massive writeups, the latest one being for the Witch Queen, although it was "only" 3,600 words.

With that in mind, the one about Witch Queen was focused on the expansion and didn't really go off the rails too much, only mentioning some ideas for the future but keeping it contained.

Bungie Destiny 2 - The Guardian with Cayde-6 Unvault the Cayde

Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out what this particular will feature but it's safe to say that TL;DR will be a massive headache for whoever attempts this Herculean task.

We might just be insane enough so keep an eye out for the highlights and a condensed version of whatever that 5K-word monstrosity ends up having.


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