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Overwatch 2 will nerf Zarya, in two weeks

Published: 23:05, 31 October 2022
Zarya as Frosted Zarya for Winter Wonderland 2017
Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 - Frosted Zarya

Nerfing Russian muscle seems to be hard work for Blizzard even though it will revolve around a few value edits and not much else.

Zarya has been a persistent problem ever since Overwatch 2 launched as her bubbles get too much uptime, which also translates to having too much damage since she is charged to a near maximum at all times.

Blizzard is taking a rather long time to hit her with the nerf bat as she will remain in her current state until the November 15, 2022, balance patch, which packs a few other nerfs as well.

First, the duration of the bubbles will be reduced by half a second, which should give you options on whether you want to break the bubble at the expense of giving the tank more damage output or waiting it out so the Graviton Gun keeps tickling your team.

Second, Barrier cooldown will be increased from 10 to 11 seconds, which should mean Zarya can no longer spam them and just be done with it.

She is not the only one getting reined in though. Sombra will deal 15 per cent less damage to hacked targets now but that still makes for a 25 per cent increase from her base shots. Hacked target's ability lockout time will be reduced by 0.25 seconds and they can't be re-hacked until it has passed.

Genji will have 24 shots before needing a reload, down from 30, which translates to eight times three hits as opposed to 10 times three hits. Shurikens will also deal 27 damage instead of 29.

D.Va will have a higher spread on her primary fire and Boosters impact damage will be reduced by 10.

Kiriko's Swift Step will provide 0.25 seconds of invulnerability on use rather than 0.4 seconds.


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