Overwatch 2: How to get League drops and rewards

Published: 16:03, 31 October 2022
Updated: 16:06, 31 October 2022
Watch Overwatch League matches to earn exclusive rewards!
Watch Overwatch League matches to earn exclusive rewards!

In this guide, you will learn how to set up Overwatch 2 League drops so you can watch them on YouTube, and what rewards you can earn based on how long you spend watching.

Overwatch 2  League drops are a big part of the arena shooter's competitive tournament, letting viewers earn special Home & Away skins for every hero(opens in a new tab) by watching official matches, as well as player-designed name cards, and some cosmetic sprays.

If you want to earn tokens and cosmetics by watching league matches, you'll need to link your account with your YouTube account. However, this isn't done through the connections page in your account. Here is how you do it:

  •  Log into your YouTube account 
  •  Click the avatar in the top right and head to settings 
  •  Click 'Connected Apps' on the left side 
  •  Click 'Connect' next to

Once you're connected you can watch matches on the official Overwatch League YouTube channel.  you can also log into your Blizzard  account on the Overwatch League website to watch matches there and earn rewards.

You can earn Overwatch League Home & Away skins for every hero by watching official matches, with three skins rewarded for every three hours you watch along with some additional cosmetics. 

You'll also receive five League Tokens per hour, which can be redeemed for further skins in the store if you get enough of them.


Blizzard Overwatch 2 League drops and rewards Overwatch 2 League drops and rewards

There are also specific rewards for the Grand Finals if you just want skins for the new characters, Junker Queen, Kiriko, and Sojourn. You can get these by watching two hours of the Grand Finals. 

All rewards will need to be redeemed before 31 December 2022. This is surely worth your time, don't miss the chance to get a lot of free skins and other amazing rewards!


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