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New World: All Greatsword abilities revealed

Published: 00:28, 05 September 2022
Updated: 12:49, 05 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World greatsword
New World greatsword

Greatsword is already on New World PTR, which means we get to check out the abilities and how it will work when the weapon arrives to live servers.

Greatswords are coming to New World at some point in October 2022, along with the new map, Brimstone Sands which also packs a new expedition.

Before we get sidetracked with all the additions and quality of life updates though, let's talk about the weapon since PTR already holds all the info.

First of all, just like you probably heard many times by now, Greatsword will have a DPS and a tank tree, called Onslaught and Defiance, respectively. Similarly, the player will enter Onslaught or Defiant stance upon using abilities from those talent trees.

Onslaught stance effects are:

  • Deal and take 15 per cent more damage
  • Heavy attacks charge twice as fast but consume 10 stamina

Defiant stance effects:

  • Deal and take 15 per cent less damage
  • Block incoming attacks while charging heavy attacks

Amazon Game Studios New World - Greatsword in action New World - Greatsword in action

In the Onslaught tree, the active abilities are:

  • Crosscut - slash three times in a quick sequence, dealing increasing damage each time
  • Relentless Rush - Dash through enemies and deal damage twice, slowing them. Second attack deals more damage but can't backstab
    • Can be upgraded to root enemies
  • Skyward Slash - an uppercut attack that applies stacks of Rend on enemies

In the Defiance tree, the active abilities are:

  • Calamity Counter - block attacks for two seconds and then attack with additional effects based on number of blocks
  • Roaring Rupture - stab the ground and deal AoE damage. Gain Fortify stack for each enemy hit
    • Can be used for Taunts if you slot a Carnelian
  • Steadfast Strike - Stab an enemy and then pull your sword out of them. The first hit staggers, the second one deals more damage and pulls

Due to the beneficial effects of each talent tree, it will likely be best to have a healthy mix of talents since you will be switching stances a lot, resulting in both heals and increased damage once you're skilled enough with this weapon.

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