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Muerta finally arrives to Dota 2 with The Dead Reckoning update

Published: 13:37, 07 March 2023
Dota 2 - Muerta
Dota 2 - Muerta

Muerta has arrived and enriched the Dota 2 roster, giving players another hero to be a burden to their team with. Just remember, a hero is just a tool.

Valve has finally pushed the update with the latest Dota 2 hero, Muerta.

In case you didn't catch her kit, she is described with Carry, Ranged, Nuker and Disabler tags, which is a pretty good description of what she does.

A high-skill, high-reward hero, she can be a real menace in the right hands but if your mechanics are bad, it is safe to say you will only hit Dead Shot thanks to blind luck or a happy set of circumstances.

If you are having trouble with hitting quick heroes, make good use of The Calling, which will help you land those trick shots and maximise your potential.

Her late game has a scary potential with a chance of each auto attack duplicating and landing on a different creature but it prioritises heroes. In other words, this carry can reliably take down multiple enemies with auto attacks if she's given enough room and time to do so.

Muerta's only defensive ability is the ultimate, which makes her immune to physical damage so taking her down will require a dedicated magic damage dealer or just go hardcore and try to pump out as much pure damage as possible.

You can check out Muerta's abilities in action on the official reveal page.

Additionally, Valve kicked off new events, advanced stats and more with The Dead Reckoning patch .


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