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Dota 2: Primal Beast and updated Techies abilities

Published: 07:57, 24 February 2022
Dota 2 - Primal Beast
Dota 2 - Primal Beast

Valve published a blog post about the upcoming hero for Dota 2, detailing its abilities and used the opportunity to also shine some light on the new Techies.

Patch 7.31 may not have a release date yet but Dota 2 players are bound to get hyped at the sheer amount of new information and content coming their way. First, there is the new hero - Primal Beast , who will stomp its way through the jungle when the patch drops, followed by the new abilities Techies are brandishing.

Primal Beast abilities:

  • Onslaught - Charge it up to extend the length of the Beast's rush in a straight line. Anyone it runs over gets knocked back, including allies. The rush can destroy trees
  • Trample - The Beast stomps the ground, making every enemy around it take pulsing damage but the hero itself is disarmed for the duration
  • Uproar - Passively provides additional base damage. Activating the ability provides more damage and armour, based on the number of stacks of Uproar
  • Pulverize - The Beast grabs an enemy (yes, it can be a hero) and repeatedly slams it into the ground, sending shockwaves that damage and mini-stun all enemies in the area

Techies were also updated and their new kit is as follows:

  • Blast Off! and Proximity Mines remain unchanged
  • Sticky Bomb (New ability) -  Throws a bomb that will stick to enemies near it. The enemy gets slowed for a few seconds, at which point the bomb explodes for AoE damage
  • Reactive Taser - Techies get an electric charge that provides movement speed for a short time. Enemies that attack them during this time are disarmed. When the charge explodes, it disarms all enemies in the area 

Valve Dota 2 - Primal Beast Dota 2 - Primal Beast

Be aware of the jungle as the mobs now have passive and active abilities that might ruin your farming plans.

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