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Lamplighter League announced by Harebrained Schemes

Published: 08:35, 07 March 2023
Harebrained Schemes
The Lamplighters League announcement
The Lamplighters League announcement

Harebrained Schemes finally announced their next major project and it is looking pretty good.

Paradox Interactive 's showcase featured some exciting announcements, including The Lamplighters' League , an adventure game by Harebrained Schemes .

Continuing their tradition, this one is turn-based just like the predecessors, although the free roam portion will be real-time so you don't have to move turn by turn even when no enemies are around.

Additionally, you are able to ambush the enemies so when the fighting starts, you don't have it as hard.

Lamplighters' League shares some vibes with the likes of Indiana Jones and The Mummy but instead of having professors, scientists and adventurers team up, you just get a bunch of rogues.

Like the developers mentioned, these are not the people you would look to if you were aiming to save the world. Then again, you are hunting for ancient ruins, knowledge and quite possibly treasure.

The enemies we've seen in the brief glimpses share fashion ideas with Nazi Germany but there are also a few monsters along the way so things will be quite hectic - as one would expect from an adventure game.

There is currently no release date but the game can be wishlisted on Steam already.


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