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The Lamplighters League: List of characters revealed so far

Published: 09:45, 07 March 2023
Harebrained Schemes
The Lamplighters League - Eddie
The Lamplighters League - Eddie

Harebrained Schemes revealed a pile of characters from their upcoming game and given the number, it might even be the full roster.

Harebrained Schemes earned their stripes with the likes of Shadowrun Trilogy and BattleTech , each of which featured a roster of characters we would control throughout the campaign.

Some, like Shadowrun Hong Kong, featured more character writing and this appears to be the case with The Lamplighters League but on a bigger scale.

We say this because the devs specifically mentioned the characters will interact with each other during the downtime but the roster is much bigger than in Shadowrun, with 10 characters having been shown already, across three classes.


During the infiltration phase, Bruisers can knock down frail walls and some locked doors. They can also take down multiple enemies if they are positioned high enough.

Bruiser characters include:

  • Ingrid (Weighted Gloves) - Gains AP on kills, causes AoE knockdown
  • Fedir (Shotgun) - Gets enraged when hit, dealing more damage. Can throw enemies as weapons
  • Judith (Machine Pistol and Shield) - Starts fights with bonus armour, immune to Overwatch damage. Can taunt enemies in AoE


Sneaks can cloak themselves when in cover during the infiltration phase, climb walls and take enemies down silently.

  • Lateef (Pistol) - Gains Evade after movement, creates Decoys
  • Celestine (Assassin's Daggers) - Recharges Signature ability on kills, which is to take control of enemies
  • Jianyi (Sword and Pistol) - Pistol attacks give Flow which increases crit chance of the sword. Gains one AP per crit. Can dash through enemies, dealing more damage with more Flow stacks
  • Purnima (Bolt-Action Rifle) - Gains Crit chance on high ground, can shoot through multiple targets and ricochet around corners


  • Eddie (Twin Six-Shooters) - Gains Ammo on critical hits, does cone-shaped AoE
  • Ana Sofia (Submachine Gun) - Allies healed by her gain 25 per cent more HP, Signature heals all allies in AoE and gives them one Signature charge
  • Alexandrite (Practitioner's Cane) - Gains Invisibility when hit, summons Phantasms as allies


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