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Dota 2 DPC Spring Tour Fantasy changes

Published: 05:39, 14 March 2022
Dota 2
Dota 2

Valve announced a few changes to the fantasy picks in Dota 2 while postponing the EEU due to the ongoing problems on the continent.

DPC Spring Tour is kicking off on March 14, 2022, as teams will duke it out through Regional Leagues in order to earn their spot at the Spring Major, which is a tournament that anyone will want to win anyway but also to place high in, in order to be one step closer to The International.

Fans will have the opportunity to partially participate through Fantasy, which will now have Level distribution somewhat altered. Instead of getting one, two or three levels when placing in the top 50, 25 or 10 per cent, participants will now get one, two, three or four levels if they place in the top 100, 50, 25, 10 per cent. 

Meanwhile, every fourth level will get you a new DPC Lineage treasure while other levels will award you with shards. Simply setting up the roster each week will offer guaranteed rewards.

If you're a newcomer to the system, here is a quick Fantasy rundown. Each week of the DPC, you can pick up to two Core player cards, one Mid player card and two Support player cards.

You gain points based on those players' performance during the week with Silver and Gold cards earning more points based on their bonuses.

Valve Dota 2 - Primal Beast Dota 2 - Primal Beast

Everyone gets 10 starter card packs that can be claimed on the DPC menu under the watch tab while winning a single game in Dota 2 each day gives more packs. Of course, you can also drop your wallet and just get a bunch of cards that way.

If you participate in Fantasy for more than one DPC region, you only earn points for the one where you had better placement.

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