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Overwatch 2 reveals Genos Genji skin from One Punch Man

Published: 09:01, 07 March 2023
Overwatch 2 - Genos Genji
Overwatch 2 - Genos Genji

Blizzard's escapade into the realm of anime wraps up with a pretty awesome skin for the resident cyborg ninja, Genji.

Blizzard has revealed the fourth and final skin from the One Punch Man line in Overwatch 2 . Genji now shares some key elements with Genos, Saitama's protege but there are some details on his head that are not working that well in that respect.

Either way, the skin is sure to attract a lot of attention, just like Saitama Doomfist and Tatsumaki Kiriko did before.

Technically, Mumen Rider Soldier 76 counts among them but it seemed forgettable in comparison so the others.

One interesting detail revealed by Blizzard is that they initially wanted to make the Saitama skin for Zenyatta as he is both bald and is a mentor to Genji, which would fit with the lore of both the anime and the game. In the end, they went with Doomfist, who can indeed punch people but it's been a while since he could one-punch them. 

The devs also noted that there are some easter eggs that can be found with Genos Genji so expect these to come popping up in the near future.

It would be undoubtedly funny if Genji and Doomfist wearing Genos and Saitama skins would suddenly start speaking in a friendly manner, like a student and mentor, while they are enemies in Overwatch 2 canon.

Additionally, some fans are disappointed that Genji didn't get the Speed o' Sound Sonic skin instead, which would fit better into his ninja style.


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