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Metro Exodus devs release modding tools

Published: 07:33, 25 January 2023
4A Games
Picture of Artyom wandering around a train in Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus already has a lot of content but what if it had more? We will find out soon enough.

4A Games recently talked about the team's struggles due to the war in Ukraine and continued to talk about the future of Metro series in the latter half of the post.

This involved the Metro Exodus SDK, which is a set of tools for modders who would like to create content for the game.

According to the post, the modding tools will be up for free, although you will first need to own a copy of Metro Exodus on Steam, GOG or Epic Games Store.

Some of the features of SDK include editing and creation of:

  • Levels through Scene Editor
  • AI maps for levels through Navigation Mode
  • Collision properties, models and textures through Model Editor / Viewer
  • Particles in the Particles Mode
  • Terrain
  • Weather
  • Cutscenes
  • AI behaviour through Visual Script

4A Games A man standing on railway tracks in shooter Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

What this translates to is the open call for creative people to make more content for the game at no cost for them or players who will get to enjoy it.

Those who played Fallout or The Elder Scrolls games from Bethesda already know the concept and the benefits of such a tool as it can prolong a game's life for more than a decade since something new can be found every few weeks.


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