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Metro Exodus selling great on Steam, especially in China apparently

Published: 21:43, 19 February 2020
4A Games
Postapocalyptic scene in Metro Exodus: Sam's Story
Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

Metro Exodus has kicked up a lot of dust with its last-minute switcheroo to the Epic Games Store, but it seems that its return to Steam was met with less angst than some social media would make you think. Some of it is down to China apparently.

To be fair, Deep Silver and 4A Games introduced the game at a 40 per cent discount, which was a nice touch and certainly a sign of goodwill towards the community. 

Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer Group, Deep Silver's parent company, said in an earnings presentation, "Metro performed well on Epic and I was happy with the performance on the Epic Games Store, but that doesn’t say I’m not happy with the Steam performance either, so it's been great [in] the first days."

Wingefors stressed that he thinks Metro Exodus is a great game, and people love great games - hard to argue with that. With that in mind, he said he hopes it will continue to perform well on all the platforms.

Speaking of performance, he also added, "I was happy to see it performing well, selling about 200,000 copies already, and it was surprising to see one big country in Asia, the biggest country, buying the product."

We can only assume he means China, as the country is traditionally an immense market, and we're not sure they shared in the whole Steam vs. Epic Games Store drama that's been going on.

According to SteamCharts , at the time of writing, 9,768 players are playing Metro Exodus on Steam, and the 24-hour peak is at 12,021, a few thousand short of its all-time peak of 15,357.

4A Games Metro Exodus character looking at ruins Metro Exodus: Sam's Story, marriage proposal that worked!

In the meantime, Metro Exodus' expansion Sam's Story managed to include a real-world love story , with a fan's proposal to his now confirmed bride. Talk about games bringing people together, eh?

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Metro Exodus

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