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WWE 2K23 PC version will be based on last gen consoles

Published: 10:51, 24 January 2023
Updated: 12:09, 24 January 2023
WWE 2K23 - John Cena
WWE 2K23 - John Cena

You can't see John Cena but you also can't see a PC version of WWE games that are based on the current-gen version.

2K Games announced that John Cena will be the cover athlete for WWE 2K23 and a few features that were tweaked, in comparison to previous years.

One thing that wasn't tweaked is the fact that PC players are once again getting the inferior version of the annual title, one based on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation, rather than the new one.

Considering the modification potential and power of the PC platform and its parts, hardware issues are just no excuse so the PC community will have to go along with a sour taste in their mouth this year as well.

The information comes straight from the horse's mouth, via an FAQ for WWE 2K23 .

"The Standard Edition is available on previous-gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One consoles and PC) and on current-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) in both physical and digital formats."

As for the features that were added or improved, they include:

  • 2K Showcase with John Cena where you can win an accolade if you best him
  • War Games 3v3 and 4v4 rumble
  • MyGM now features more GMs
  • MyFactions now features online multiplayer
  • MyRISE where players earn their stardom
  • Reworked story system for Universe
  • Creation Suite has more customisation options

Some wins and some losses for the gamers but John Cena does have a good message on that front - Never Give Up!


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