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League of Legends history: 10 years since xPeke made the iconic play

Published: 09:29, 24 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Kassadin
Kassadin is the champion with the biggest AFK rate in LoL

Would you like to feel old? No? Well, here it is anyway - it has been a whole decade since that epic League of Legends moment at IEM Katowice.

League of Legends has numerous iconic moves that were named after the players that dazzled the audience with them. InSec pulled the amazing Lee Sin kick that secured countless crucial kills after that and Madlife's hook predictions did the same.

While flashy moves that secure kills are a wonderful moment to witness, it was not a kill but the game-winning backdoor that launched xPeke's fame through the roof and made sure that people still talk about it, 10 years later.

Before all international competitions could be organised by Riot Games , there was IEM Katowice, with season seven held from January 18 to 20, 2013, which is where two European teams faced off in the group stage, with everything on the line - the winner advances to knockouts, loser drops out.

In a tense match of back and forth, both Fnatic and SK Gaming won crucial teamfights and the fans were on their toes throughout the match, one moment looking like SK have it in the bag, the next FNC are ruining their base.

Team Orange pushed a little too far and paid the price though, with SK utilising the counter-attack momentum to push all the way from their own base to the opposing one.

During the chaotic retreat, Fnatic scattered in all directions and hyrqBot opted to join the rest of his team to finish the game, instead of chasing a lone Kassadin around.

Normally, this is the thing any sane person would do but the play xPeke pulled with Kassadin immediately afterwards is anything but sane. With the entirety of SK pushing into his base, the madman took a teleport close to SK's nexus.

Kev1n responded quickly, followed by hyrqBot but all they could do is witness history in the making as xPeke danced around their attempts to stop him while constantly dealing damage to the nexus.

In the end, one Spanish midlaner got the 50g last hit and sent his ecstatic team into the knockout stage while another couldn't hold his tears back after an incredibly intense fight that looked like a guaranteed win just moments prior.


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