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Metro Exodus gets rid of Denuvo DRM on PC

Published: 12:58, 27 May 2020
4A Games
Postapocalyptic scene in Metro Exodus: Sam's Story
Metro Exodus: Sam's Story

Deep Silver and 4A Games announced that Metro Exodus is now Denuvo-free on all PC versions. The update came with an error which was quickly rolled back.

Metro Exodus got rid of Denuvo DRM more than a year after being released. The patch was announced and deployed simultaneously on all PC platforms - Steam, Epic Games and Microsoft Store.

This came as a relief to all PC players as Denuvo DRM is something people are generally trying to avoid, sometimes due to frame drops, other times because pirates inevitably find their way around the protection and it only ends up hurting the paying customers .

The update notes on Steam noted that there are several other additions and fixes coming to the game. For example, the filter will no longer deplete extremely fast in fog or high rad zone near the sub base.

Save backup functionality has been added to the Epic Games Store version, in case the cloud saving malfunctions. You can find these backups in the ".backup" folder which is located in the default save location.

Camera rotation issue that came with Nvidia Ansel update has been resolved as well, along with "various crashes".

That last bit is particularly interesting because players started reporting "Protection Error" message after trying to launch Metro Exodus following the patch.

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Metro Exodus

However, the devs and publishers were quick to respond and the problem was solved almost immediately after by rolling back the update and are now working on a re-submission to the hotfix.

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