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LoL Esports: Looks like Adam is coming back to LEC next season

Published: 02:27, 19 October 2022
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League of Legends - Olaf
League of Legends - Olaf

One of the biggest LEC prospects with a quick fall from grace seems to be ready to return to European League of Legends top flight.

League of Legends pro scene has had a large amount of drama from the very beginning, seeing many players rise and fall in the process.

The tale of Adam, who was once the hottest young prospect for LEC, took a bad turn following a particularly turbulent part of his stint with Fnatic as the top laner joined the team, went to World Championship, got kicked and then relegated to the academy of BDS, his next team, all in the span of a single year.

Now it appears that the fortune might be smiling once again at the young player.

According to Blix's sources, Team BDS and Adam have negotiated a deal where the top laner would return to the main roster for the 2023 season.

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Considering the dreadful results of Team BDS in the 2022 season, it is not a surprise they are looking to shake things up and Adam has been performing well in the academy team, whose picture of success was the polar opposite of the main team's exploits.

This will also mean another chapter in the saga of Adam vs Wunder as the two developed a bit of rivalry in their bouts during G2 vs FNC matches, which had an ironic twist as it was Wunder who became the new FNC top laner following Adam's departure.

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