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Teamfight Tactics - Patch 12.20 patch notes

Published: 18:00, 18 October 2022
Riot Games
Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe
Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe

Patch 12.20 is finally here! And it brings a lot of changes. New Little Legends, buffs, nerfs, bug fixes, and champion changes all in one place! Keep reading to find out the most important changes coming with the new patch!

In Riot Games' last patch before the Dragonlands Championship patch, we’ve got Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe. Also, an Augment rebalance, friends lists on Mobile, a new  League of Legends  patch, and a whole lot more—let’s get into it!

First of all, we introduce the new Little Legends. Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe and Chibi Ashe are the new additions to the Teamfight Tactics legends collection!  

Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe continues the "DiesOfCutScene" saga with their finisher, firing an explosive Dragonmancer Arrow that’ll hit more than just a knee. Each Egg is available for 390RP.

A lot of traits got nerfed in this patch, so let us dive into the changes! With the rising popularity and win rates over the weekend, we’ve had to ship several large nerfs targeted at the Sy'fen - Shi Oh Yu comp. 

You will also find Pantheon nerfs and the removal of one of the strongest Silver Augments (Jade Crest). Also, the Guild trait and comps that are including Guild champions are taking some nerfs! Here are all the trait changes:

  • Cavalier Armor and Magic Resistance: 30/45/60/75/110 >>> 35/50/65/85/110
  • Guild Attack Speed (Twitch): 13% >>> 11%
  • Guild Omnivamp (Emblem): 4% >>> 3%
  • Jade Statue Attack Speed: 10/30/55/88% >>> 10/22/55/88%
  • Ragewing Attack speed: 50/100/150/250% >>> 50/100/150/275%
  • Ragewing Omnivamp: 15/30/45/75% >>> 15/30/45/85%

Riot Games Teamfight Tactics Patch Highlights Teamfight Tactics Patch Highlights

Now, let's talk about unit changes. Seems that Nomsy took the biggest hit, making her more Evoker-oriented. Also, because of nerfing the Sy'fen - Shi Oh Yu comp, Rengar is also getting nerfed as a counter to that. Here are all the unit changes waiting for you in the upcoming patch 12.20:

  • Nomsy Fireballs! Damage: 210/300/480 >>> 190/270/420
  • ​Evoker Nomsy, Lulu Whimsy Attack Speed Buff: 30/40/60% >>> 40/50/70%
  • Cannoneer Nomsy, Tristana Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.75
  • Cannoneer Nomsy, Nomsy bonus Attack Damage from being friends with Tristana: 30/45/70 >>> 35/50/80
  • Rengar Mana nerf: 60/120 >>> 70/140
  • Rengar Unseen Predator AD ratio: 255/265/275% >>> 240/245/275%
  • ​Volibear Mana buff: 0/60 >>> 0/40
  • Daeja Windblast Damage: 250/350/1600 >>> 250/335/1350
  • Pantheon Aegis Assault Damage: 100/150/700 >>> 75/110/700
  • Sohm Tideblossom detonation damage: 300/420/1500 >>> 285/400/1400
  • Sy’fen max Mana nerf: 90/160 >>> 100/170


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