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League of Legends - Yuumi's Master Norra Has Been Revealed

Published: 01:18, 24 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Norra please take Yuumi away
League of Legends - Norra please take Yuumi away

The existence of the owner of the magical book and cat, named Yuumi, has been a mystery since the champion's release. Now we will know who she is, and what she does.

Ever since Riot Games added Yuumi to League of Legends , the champion has been a thorn in everyone's side. After all, it's a champion that cannot be targeted, that provides healing and attack buffs to her allies.

But, even her own ADCs hate the champion, due to how useless she is in lane, and the rest of the fan base despises those playing her as you can do so without even being at your PC, as demonstrated by Tyler1 .

Her lore, however, is filled with mystery. She entered League of Legends when she left Bandle City to the wider world, looking for her master who disappeared on an unknown errand.

Riot Games League of Legends Yuumi splash art There are plant, insect and monster champions in LoL, but Yuumi is the only parasitic one

She is a Yordle, which we could guess based on Bandle City, and her name is Norra. Unfortunately, she will not be joining League of Legends as a champion, but will be exclusive to Legends of Runeterra instead.

She is the second instance of Riot Games taking an existing character connected to League of Legends, and placing them in an offshoot of the game.

The first such example was when they added Silco, a character from Arcane, to Teamfight Tactics. If nothing else works, we hope there will be a cross-over event where Norra comes to take Yuumi away, and rid us of this menace forever.

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