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League of Legends Disables Hexflash in LEC Due to a Revive Bug

Published: 22:30, 05 August 2022
Splash art for Amumu, a sad champion in League of Legends
League of Legends - Amumu got a free revive out of nowhere

One of the most recent pro games has had an unexpected outcome, where even the player in question was confused as to what exactly happened. A bug is what happened.

Riot Games ' masterpiece is not said to be based on spaghetti code for no reason. League of Legends is full of bugs, and finding and making fun of them, has even turned into a career for some people.

They are so prevalent that patches have an entire section dedicated to bugs removed from the game, and this time, a bug has influenced an entire pro tournament.

In a recent professional League of Legends match between DRX and NS Redforce, during a team fight that ended up in an ace against DRX, the DRX jungler, Beryl, found himself revived on Amumu, immediately upon dying.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Amumu - cinematic screenshot Death can't stop hexflash Amumu,or any hexflash champion, really

Upon further investigation, it turns out that the cause of the bug is hexflash, and Riot Griath has announced on his Twitter that the summoner spell will be restricted in the LEC, for its duration:

"I'm your LEC updates person this week. Due to a severe issue, Hexflash will be disabled in the #LEC until further notice."

This is not the first time a space displacing mechanic has caused some bug in League of Legends. The most recent examples are of Lulu's Pix, and Bard's Meeps becoming targetable upon leaving the Hexgates spawned by the Hextech dragon.

We are unsure how Riot will proceed with fixes to this issue, as they've just swept the Lulu and BArd bugs under the carpet a while ago, and if the issue can be fixed at all.

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