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LoL - Win Traders in Tyler1 Stream Show the Seriousness of the Problem

Published: 00:38, 12 August 2022
Tyler1 - The man has every right to be mad
Tyler1 - The man has every right to be mad

Win trading seems to be a growing problem in League of Legends, and Riot Games are not doing anything to stop the issue from ballooning, with many high-profile players thinking of quitting the game.

We all know that League of Legends streamers, and streamers in general, attain infamy hand in hand with fame, and get allies that troll their games due to hate. Win trading, on the other hand, is a completely different matter, and Riot Games have not given the answer to this problem.

Win trading in League of Legends refers to players who queue for games at the same time, to end up on opposite teams, and have one player play badly on purpose, to ensure the other's victory and vice versa.

This is usually done in high-level games, the ones that even pro players find themselves in, where there is a maximum of  200 players in the player pool, with far fewer actively playing at one time.

In a recent Tyler1 stream, he experienced a game where his entire team, excluding himself, were win traders, who ended up in the same team on accident, and forced the game to a remake, so as to queue again and be able to give away the victory to one another.

Due to reasons such as these, it's obvious that win trading is becoming more and more of an issue, and high-profile streamers and pro players are starting to voice their concerns about the game, and say that they may even quit playing ranked altogether.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player Faker on stage Due to similar reasons, Faker gave up on ranked one season, ending it with a Diamond 1 rank

Riot Games have not, up until now, done anything to stop this issue, even though a lot of the players are blatantly obvious about it, with examples such as Korea, where some players have their Paypal account names as their IGN, and when they are sent money by an enemy player, they immediately "run it down".

It seems that League of Legends is bursting at the seams, and with Riot Games spreading themselves thin with other projects, they are not focusing enough manpower on League of Legends, aside from making new skins to sell, of course.

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