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LoL Esports - Team Ambition Remove Chocovanille Due to Boosting

Published: 02:54, 08 July 2022
Updated: 01:19, 09 July 2022
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Tyler1 is at it again, exposing League of Legends boosters in his games. This time though, the inting was not targeted at him but was merely the byproduct of boosting to Masters.

In his recent stream Tyler1, who is known to be a target of intentional feeding in his games due to his popularity and personality, found out that this time, the reason was not actually him.

In his gam, his jungle, playing Evelynn, would consistently run it down and die in the exact same way, to the enemy bot lane. Upon looking at their game stats, he found out that the enemy support is the assistant Coach in Team Ambition, Chocovanille, and his own jungler often duos with the same person.

Upon further research, it turns out that the jungler in question is a player, now a former player, on Team Ambition as well, Anticipation, on a smurf account, while Chocovanille was on her main one, and was boosting his girlfriend to Masters. An achievement she proclaimed on Twitter, claiming it came with a lot of sweat and tears.

Even though it turns out, it came with win-trading, and what turns out to be account boosting, with Anticipation playing his main champion, Olaf, on her account, as well, evident by the change in the key binding of summoner spells when Olaf is played.

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In response to this, Team Ambition removed both from their team, with the Head of PG Staff of Team Ambition, and later Team Ambition's official Twitter account giving out a statement as well, stating that Team Ambition doesn't stand for this kind of behavior in the game.

The players in question have since deleted their Twitter profiles, likely in the anticipation of the backlash from the community, and Chocovanille has also changed her IGN as well, to a random string of characters.

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