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LoL Esports: Riot Games ban Peter Zhang permanently

Published: 08:50, 09 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Former TSM coach Peter Zhang
League of Legends - Former TSM coach Peter Zhang

Zhang "Peter Zhang" Yi has been booted out of any possible Riot Games association due to horrendous behaviour towards players and staff of TSM.

TSM has had quite a few unsavoury individuals in positions of power, starting with the top man himself, Reginald, who was once again under scrutiny for the terrible treatment of his employees this year and was later fined by Riot Games , who also put him on probation following their inquest into the matter.

The hierarchy wasn't much better even on lower levels of the League of Legends team apparently as Zhang "Peter Zhang" Yi was skimming player salaries and conducting other business that damaged TSM's reputation and possibly disrupted the team's workflow. He first joined TSM in 2018 and climbed through the ranks to hold various positions over time, allowing him to perform malicious actions against others in the team.

One of the worst infractions is diverting around $250,000 from player salaries into his own accounts. The players were supposed to a portion of their salary through a third party from China, to whom Zhang provided his own accounts instead.

Additionally, there is the matter of SwordArt's car. The player entrusted Zhang with the sale of the vehicle, who only paid back a portion of the car's worth and still owes him $45,000.

In the most recent cases, it appears Zhang shared privileged information about TSM's recruiting decisions in exchange for personal gain. This goes in hand with the allegations that point to the former coach taking bribes from younger players in exchange for spots on the team.

Riot Games League of Legends - Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks League of Legends - Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks

What Riot and TSM did conclude in their investigation is that Zhang asked a total of eight players for "loans" which totalled around $15,000 in the end. He asked for more but it was around this time TSM became aware of Zhang's actions and reversed pending wire transfers, which prevented him from receiving an additional $20,000.

As a result of the overwhelming misconduct, Riot Games decided to permanently ban Zhang "Peter Zhang" Yi from "any association or affiliation with a team or organisation in a Riot-sanctioned competition".

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