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League of Legends - Shadow Isles Lore Summary

Published: 14:15, 03 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Viego has more sales, so he gets the skin it seems
League of Legends - Viego has more sales, so he gets the skin it seems

The Ruination book is coming out soon, and understanding it requires you to know some context regarding the region it takes place in. And there is quite some history there.

Riot Games are not limiting themselves to just one form of media, when it comes to League of Legends , and are now publishing a book on the Ruination, last year's main event, which will expand the lore of Runeterra.

As they have previously shown, they more than capable of producing award-winning art when it comes to league of Legends, whether it's literary or film and series.

The book is centered around the events that led to Ruination, and the consequences of it are still felt in today's League of Legends. So, what is the Shadows Isles region exactly?

The Shadow Isles is an archipelago on the eastern coast of Valoran, and used to be called the Blessed Isles, due to the Waters of Life found therein, which attracted healers from all around the world to congregate there, creating a society of healing.

The young king of Cavamor, Viego, destroyed it all when he sent Kalista, his loyal general to try and find a cure for his dead wife Isolde in these waters, even though the Waters of Life could not revive the dead.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Kalista Even as the main character of the Ruination book, Kalista still did not get a new skin

Upon learning this, Viego stormed the Blessed Isles with his army, forcefully placed Isolde's dead body into the source of the Waters of Life, and ordered Hecarim, his Knight Captain, to kill all those who resist, including Kalista, which caused the corruption of said source.

Now, every living thing on the former Blessed Isles is undead or undead adjacent, with only Maokai and Trundle trying to stem the tide from within the island, and Karthus shepherding the dead souls to him.

Runeterra, on the other hand, suffers greatly because of this, even before Viego awakened and tried to revive his wife once again. Every year the undead of the Shadow Isles burst out from the cursed archipelago, and attack the rest of the world, starting with the closest region, Bilgewater, in an event called the Harrowing.

The question now remains, with the pirate lords of Bilgewater in a power struggle, will the Harrowing be held back at the pirate city, as it always has been?

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