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League of Legends - Riot Say Zeri and Yuumi are Impossible to Balance

Published: 05:51, 02 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Zeri
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Before the Quick Gameplay Thoughts team went on a break, they had one last thing to talk to us about. It was regarding Yuumi and Zeri, the most hated champion in League of Legends, currently.

Quick Gameplay Thoughts is Riot Games ' way of interacting with their player base more closely, by explaining their reasoning behind the implementation of certain things in League of Legends .

This time, they explain what is required of them to do, so that Zeri and Yuumi, can be balanced finally . And, it involves taking away parts of their kit, and that means they are impossible to balance with their original design.

Both of these champions are difficult to balance, say Riot, because of 4 values that often contradict one another: 

  • Perceptions of fairness and counterplay
  • Champion is exciting to play and has “high moments”
  • Performance in Elite/Pro play
  • Performance in Average play

Using Zeri as an example, she has 3 awesome moments: infinitely scaling mobility from R, W poke, and setup/large map mobility movements with E. However, when these are combined and optimized we do not believe they offer her opponent’s sufficient counterplay opportunities. 

So, the only way to balance this champion, is to take away parts of her kit. After all, she has far too many options available to her, making a counterplay almost impossible.

Riot Games League of Legends Yuumi splash art League of Legends - Fun fact Riot, deleting Yuumi from the game will solve all balancing issues

Looking at Yuumi, she has been very synergistic with Zeri, Twitch, and Sivir in the meta and we’ve had to nerf her as a result. "We wanted to tap down some of her multiplicative, team-focused outputs from her E and have her success be more dependent on taking aggressive action, like poking with her Q," say RIot.

Longer term, Yuumi’s laning phase performance should be more important to her success. Reducing her strength on fighters in favor of marksmen and reducing her coordination burden will put Yuumi in a better state long term while retaining the aspects of Yuumi that her players care about.

Though, we don't know what burden they are talking about. Perhaps how much Yuumi players can eat, when watching others play League of Legends, and pretending they are too?

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