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League of Legends - Arcane Wins 3 Emmy Awards

Published: 00:07, 12 August 2022
Riot Games
Arcane - Silco
Arcane - Silco was portrayed so wonderfully, that everyone hoped he would become a LoL champion

Arcane brought League of Legends to an audience far wider than the LoL community could ever dream of. And now, it's even been recognized as an incredible piece of media by the Emmy awards.

Arcane, the show based on League of Legends , is an action-adventure streaming television series produced by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games and distributed by Netflix. It is set in the League of Legends fictional universe and primarily focuses on sisters Vi and Jinx, among a cast of other well-known LoL champions from Zaun.

And, while Riot have recently confirmed that the award-winning show TV show will have  a second season , of which are not sure where the setting will take place, the first season is still raking in the rewards.

At the 2022 Emmy Awards, it has been revealed that Arcane has won three distinct awards in the animation category:

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
  • Color Script Artist
  • Art Direction

Riot Games Arcane - Piltover at day, with the protagonists in bottom left side Arcane - Just look at that beautiful vista of Piltover

These rewards will go a long way to bringing the world of League of Legends to even more potential viewers, who may have shied away from watching a show based on a videogame.

Of course, this is not the first time the media portrayal of the events of Zaun has received significant awards. The show has also won an incredible 9 awards from the Annie Awards 2022, after winning every category it has been nominated in.

This goes to show that the world is ready for an expansion of the LoL universe if it's done properly, and it definitely bodes well for the upcoming MMO.

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