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LoL Esports - Controversy Sparks Between TSM and EG Over Pause Time

Published: 13:31, 03 September 2022
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What scandal will TSM be involved in next?

The LCS has been plagued with technical issues, and Riot can't seem to decide if they want to disregard them, or go all overboard in fixing them. In any case, it impacts the teams the most.

The League Championship Series, aka the LCS, is the top level of professional League of Legends in the United States and Canada. The esports league is run by Riot Game s and has ten franchise teams.

In a recent game between TSM and Evil Geniuses, of this dying league , there was a pause due to technical issues that went on to last for two hours.

The cause of the issue was due to malfunctioning audio, which was happening for both teams apparently. The malfunction was not too great, and according to Artemis, a  member of Evil Geniuses, both teams tried to power through it.

Riot Games, however, forced a pause until the issue was resolved, which in turn caused the Head of Global Social and Community for TSM to Tweet at Evil Geniuses, accusing them of being responsible for the pause.

Riot Games League of Legends - Former TSM coach Peter Zhang League of Legends - Former TSM coach Peter Zhang

It must be noted that this is happening a mere month after Peter Zhang, the former head coach was involved in a scandal, while the organization's owner was under investigation.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, have responded that the pause was a decision made by Riot Games, as the body of authority in the matter, and not under the purview of EG.

Luckily for the fans present at the game, the staff of the event kept everyone entertained to the best of their ability. As for TSM, it remains to be seen whether this organization will cause another set of drama in the future. As it stands, the track record is not great.

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