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League of Legends - Micropatch Udyr Buffs and Nerfs Revealed

Published: 01:19, 26 August 2022
Riot Games
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The Udyr rework is perhaps the most hyped rework of any champion in League of Legends history. how is it holding up though, aside from its stunning visuals?

Previously, we knew that Udyr will become the embodiment of the League of Legends Freljord demigods, or at least will draw his abilities from them. The latest gameplay video released by Riot confirmed that fact, and the fact that the rework is amazing.

However, the Udyr rework, as expected, needs some adjustments regarding in-game balance, before Riot can make it just right. And they are doing it ASAP with a micropatch .

"Firstly, Udyr is currently performing about as expected with Tank builds and weak compared to expectations with AD/Q builds, and significantly weaker than what is acceptable long term", said Riot Ray Yonggi on an Udyr mains Discord server, where he previously interacted with Udyr mains to gain feedback for the champion's redesign, regarding the changes:

  • Q
    • Max HP on hit 3~9% >> 3~10%
    • Max HP on hit AD ratio 4% >> 6%
    • Physical on hit damage 5~25 (+0.1 bonus AD) >> 5~45 (+0.2 bonus AD)
  • W
    • Shield HP ratio 2~5% >> 2~4%
    • Life on hit HP ratio 1.2~1.8% >> 1.2~1.5%
  • E
    • Move speed 30~50% >> 30~65%
    • Stun lockout per target 6~4.5s >> 6~4 s

Riot Games League of Legends - Udyr about to Ram slap Rengar League of Legends - Udyr about to Ram slap Rengar

"Our current takeaways are that R->W is slightly overtuned for long-term, with R->E being slightly undertuned. In addition, Q max in all cases is significantly underperforming, whether first or second max. Some of this will be due to build uncertainty, so we won't be aiming to COMPLETELY solve this in one go, but want to bring them much closer in line."

So, we can expect more Udyr patches coming soon. However, the current actions regarding the Udyr balance performed by Riot show that there are still Rioters that care about the community and the game overall.

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