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League of Legends: Moonstone Renewer is getting major buffs and big fixes

Published: 20:51, 29 May 2023
Riot Games
Moonstone Renewer will become one of the strongest support items
Moonstone Renewer will become one of the strongest support items

Patch 13.11 will introduce significant improvements and buffs to Moonstone Renewer, addressing its current shortcomings and enhancing its overall effectiveness.  

Patch 13.11, the upcoming update for League of Legends,  is expected to be another substantial patch following the recently released Patch 13.10, which was known as the mid-season update. Patch 13.10 brought about numerous significant changes, particularly in the realm of Marksmen. Riot Games made several adjustments to Marksmen items,  reintroducing older items like Statikk Shiv and modifying two out of the three mythic items.

In addition to the Marksmen alterations, there were also notable changes to the support role. Riot reduced the cost of many support items and introduced a new item called Echoes of Helia, specifically designed for supports. This patch aimed to enhance the support role and provide players with more options and strategic depth.

Overall, Patch 13.10 had a substantial impact on the game, and players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Patch 13.11 to see what further changes and improvements Riot has in store for League of Legends.

Moonstone Renewer 

Unique Passive – Starlit Grace

  • Chain Healing: 20 – 35% (based on level) > 20 – 40% (based on level)
  • Single Target Healing: 15 – 25% (based on level) > 15 – 30% (based on level)

The upcoming patch aims to bring Moonstone Renewer more in line with Echoes of Helia, ensuring that the item remains a viable and attractive option for players. 

By buffing Moonstone Renewer, Riot intends to create a more balanced choice between the two support items, offering players diverse and competitive options for their gameplay.

 Bug fixes

A visual bug has been identified in the game where the display of Moonstone Renewer's passive healing effect only shows it bouncing off from the first target healed, despite the actual healing reaching everyone in the surrounding area. Riot Games has acknowledged this bug and is working on a fix for it in an upcoming update, Patch 13.11. Once the bug is resolved, the visual representation will accurately reflect the healing bouncing off to all targets affected by Moonstone Renewer.

Additionally, there is another bug related to the interaction between Moonstone Renewer's passive and area-of-effect (AOE) shields. Presently, AOE shields only heal the initial target and do not extend the chain healing effect to all shielded targets nearby. Riot Games is addressing this issue alongside the visual bug and aims to rectify it in Patch 13.11. After the bug fix, AOE shields will properly trigger the chain healing effect of Moonstone Renewer, ensuring that all shielded targets receive the intended healing benefits.


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