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League of Legends: Riot to implement restrictions on toxic, inting, and AFK players in Ranked games

Published: 20:43, 26 May 2023
Riot Games
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In a recent developer log, Riot Games made an important announcement regarding their efforts to address toxic behavior in League of Legends.  

League of Legends  has gained infamy for its prevalent toxic player base, deterring potential newcomers from trying out the game. In response, Riot Games is diligently working to combat disruptive behaviors, including toxicity, intentional feeding, AFK presence, and harassment.

Since season 11, Riot Games has implemented significant measures to tackle these issues head-on. At one point, they even experimented with temporarily disabling chat functionality in specific regions, though this decision was ultimately reversed due to community backlash. Nevertheless, Riot Games proceeded to introduce penalties for AFK players as part of their ongoing efforts.

In season 12, Riot Games intensified their commitment to combating toxicity by implementing an automatic mute feature for players using offensive language. Additionally, they introduced a system that swiftly reduces players' Honor score—a reflection of their sportsmanship and positive behavior within the game.

In an effort to combat disruptive behaviors, such as toxicity, AFK presence, and intentional feeding, Riot Games has announced a forthcoming measure that will prevent players from queuing in ranked modes if they receive punishments for these actions. This restriction is not permanent but can be lifted by playing other game modes or casual matches.

Riot Games recognizes that this decision may potentially impact the normal queues, leading to increased toxicity. Consequently, they have pledged to closely monitor the situation following the implementation of these changes. By keeping a watchful eye on the normal queues, Riot Games aims to address any potential negative effects and ensure a healthier overall environment for players.

In a recent dev log, Riot Games provided an overview of League of Legends' behavioral system, shedding light on player behaviors and their corresponding statistics. 

The dev log also outlined the future measures and strategies that Riot Games plans to implement in order to address the issue of toxic players, including restrictions and punishments.


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