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Riot intends to change minions in the 2024 preseason of League of Legends

Published: 22:34, 12 April 2023
Riot Games
Lord Darius
Lord Darius splash art

Riot Games shared that they are thinking about changing the minions for League of Legends season 2024!

Riot  has a history of making significant changes to League of Legends during each preseason, such as altering Teleport, adding Dragon Souls, and making map changes. 

The Preseason 2023  saw the introduction of jungle pets, the return of the Chemtech Dragon, and more. Additionally, Riot added more Mythic items and made some tier adjustments to existing items, including Rod of Ages and Jak’Sho, The Protean.

In Patch 13.7, Riot released a new Quick Gameplay Thoughts blog post by Riot Phroxzon and Riot Axes. In it, they discussed the current state of the game and mentioned plans to individualize the different roles by changing minions. More information on this is yet to be revealed.

In a recent dev blog, Riot discussed the possibility of changing minions in League of Legends in order to better balance the different roles and classes of champions. 

This is still just an idea at this stage, but Riot is exploring the option of differentiating minions in each lane to tune roles at a more fundamental level. Riot Phroxzon suggests that the current tools for balancing might be too limiting, and reversing past changes won't solve the issues, but instead create new ones.


Riot Games League of Legends champion Ornn Thunder Lord skin League of Legends - Ornn teleporting and ulting from behind enemy lines will ruin any gank

Riot is exploring new options for balancing League of Legends, including the possibility of changing minions. This experiment will be interesting as they try to balance the game in different ways. It remains to be seen whether Riot can successfully pull off this change.

Overall, Riot has a history of making significant changes during each preseason to keep the game fresh. In Preseason 2023, they introduced jungle pets, the return of the Chemtech Dragon, and more. With Riot's constant evolution of the game, it will be exciting to see how the potential change to minions will play out.


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