League of Legends 2023: Why are ADC champions most picked as supports?

Published: 13:31, 09 February 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends ADCs are getting some massive buffs!
League of Legends ADCs are getting some massive buffs!

The role of support is centered around helping their team and sacrificing themselves for the benefit of others, such as providing vision on the map or protecting the ADC.

Marksmen have traditionally been the main choice for the ADC role in League of Legends.  As one of the primary sources of damage for a team, they play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a match. However, there have been instances where Marksmen have been played in other roles or not used at all.

On the other hand, the support role has never seen a  Marksman  being played in it. This selfless playstyle is incompatible with the marksman's focus on dealing damage, making it unlikely for a marksman to ever be played as a support.

The use of marksmen in the support role can be a hindrance in the laning phase. Champions such as Ashe or Kalista, who are typically played as ADC, are being utilized as supports with the aim of gaining an advantage in the lane through aggression or offering a significant amount of utility.

 Ashe is currently considered one of the top picks for support in League of Legends in Platinum+ Elo games. Her versatility and potential to initiate fights make her an excellent choice as a support. 

Other ADCs like Twitch, Jhin, Senna, and Kalista are also being played as supports and seeing success, but Ashe stands out with a win rate of 50% and higher, with her pick rate reaching 15-20%. This is particularly remarkable because her win rate is even higher at the higher levels of play.

Senna has been a popular choice as a support for a considerable period, so it's not surprising to see her being relevant in that role. Twitch and Miss Fortune are also being played as supports and have a win rate of around 45-50%. These champions offer a different playstyle and strengths compared to Ashe, making them valuable options for the support role.

Nobody knows if this ADC support meta will continue, but all players hope that Riot Games will do some balancing and bring more options to the table. According to Riot Phreak, tank supports are currently underpowered, and the upcoming patch 13.3 will bring some improvements for them. 

It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the meta, but at the moment, ADC supports are showing great strength. 


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