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League of Legends: Riot is buffing Statikk Shiv

Published: 20:44, 25 May 2023
Riot Games
Yone is rumoured to be one of the champions that will receive a special MSI themed skin!
Yone will receive a special MSI themed skin!

With the upcoming buffs, Statikk Shiv is receiving improvements in both wave clear and overall Energized damage.

After the recent cataclysmic patch in League of Legends, players have been forced to reevaluate their strategies and adapt to the changes. This has been particularly noticeable for ADC and Support players, who have had to reconsider their item builds due to the reorganization of Mythic items and the introduction of Echoes of Helia.

For ADCs, the meta has shifted away from rushing a Mythic item as a first purchase. Instead, many players have found success in acquiring Stormrazor before building into their Mythic item. Recognizing this trend, Riot Games has decided to nerf both Stormrazor and Echoes of Helia in an upcoming patch.

However, Riot is also aiming to balance the item landscape by buffing Statikk Shiv.  The intention is to elevate Statikk Shiv's status and make it a viable alternative to Stormrazor, which currently holds a dominant position in the game. These buffs to Statikk Shiv are scheduled to be implemented in Patch 13.11.

Statikk Shiv buffs

In Patch 13.11 of League of Legends, Statikk Shiv will undergo specific changes. The alterations include an increase in damage for both minion and non-minion targets when utilizing the item.

Unique Passive – Electroshock

Energize Non-Minion Damage: 60 – 170 (based on level) > 80 – 190 (based on level)

Energize Minion Damage: 220% > 250%

This adjustment positions the item as a viable alternative to Stormrazor, offering players a potential first item power spike before investing in a Mythic item. 

The true performance and impact of these buffs will only become apparent over time, as players experiment with the revitalized Statikk Shiv.



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