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League of Legends: Riot clarifies the reasons of Vayne's dominance in the Top Lane

Published: 21:12, 14 April 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends - Vayne wasn't picked a single time during LEC 2023 Spring
League of Legends - Vayne wasn't picked a single time during LEC 2023 Spring

Vayne Top was known to be a dominant pick in League of Legends. However, Riot made changes in Patch 13.6 to limit Vayne's power in the top lane!

Vayne, a popular champion in League of Legends, is known for her long-range true damage and hypermobility. She can be played as an ADC in the bot lane or in the Top lane. However, the issue with playing Vayne in the Top lane is that she can be easily bullied out of lane by other long-range ADCs in the Bot lane, but in the Top lane, she can scale freely and bully most Top lane champions out of the lane.

Despite her strengths, Vayne has not been a part of the meta for a while. This is due to the season 13 changes that have weakened her. 

As a result, Riot decided to give Vayne some power back in Patch 13.6, which was a concern for many players, particularly those who play in the Top lane. There was a possibility that Vayne Top would become overpowered again, but as of now, it seems that this is not the case.

In a Dev Blog, Riot explained the impact of the buffs in Patch 13.6 on Vayne and why she is not as strong in the Top lane. Prior to the patch, Vayne was considered weak and in need of a buff.

Riot observed that Vayne was performing well in lower tiers of play, but struggling in higher tiers. Lower-tier players lacked knowledge on how to counter Vayne, including Vayne Top, which could lead to frustration. In contrast, in higher tiers of play, Vayne was easily punished by opponents.

In response to Vayne's performance issues, Riot decided to disproportionately buff her for higher-level players in Patch 13.6. This led to Vayne becoming less of a menace in the Top lane, currently ranking as the 45th most common top lane pick globally, while also improving her performance in the Bot lane.

However, Riot also acknowledged that they will monitor Vayne's performance, and if she becomes dominant once again in the Top lane, they will take swift action to address the issue.


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