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League of Legends: Long awaited Skarner rework delayed to 2024

Published: 19:17, 08 May 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Skarner
League of Legends Skarner rework delayed to early 2024!

According to Riot, the Skarner Rework has been postponed until early 2024. This means that players will have to wait longer than expected for the updated version of the champion.

Over the past year, Riot has devoted significant effort towards updating and reworking many champions in League of Legends. This has included alterations to the kits of several characters, with the aim of establishing a specific identity for each champion.

Since the preseason, various champions such as Jax, Aurelion Sol, Kayle, Neeko, and Azir  have undergone reworks, while others like Ahri have received Ability and Sound Update (ASU) changes.  Some of these updates have been met with positive feedback, with the new Aurelion Sol being particularly well-received by players. 

With such a large roster, it is inevitable that some champions will require additional changes to better fulfill their intended role. As a result, Riot has announced future reworks for Rell, Ivern, and Skarner. The Ivern rework  has already been revealed in the PBE, showcasing some exciting changes to come.

Skarner Rework

Players have been eagerly anticipating the Skarner Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU) from Riot. However, the update has been delayed yet again, and is now scheduled for an early 2024 release. This announcement is a surprise to many, as Riot had previously indicated that the update would be released this year. 

It appears that development has hit a snag, which has resulted in the delay. This news is disappointing for fans who were eagerly looking forward to the Skarner VGU.

Skarner VGU Concept Art Update

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Skarner - Concept 1

It is important to remain optimistic that Riot can address the issues and deliver what the players are looking for.

 Despite their efforts to improve, there have been several recent setbacks, and there are still many challenges to be faced. The delay of the Skarner VGU is just one example of this.  


First look at the new Lunar skinline in League of Legends 2023

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Lunar Empress Ashe

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