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Riot is making changes to the League of Legends UI

Published: 12:45, 07 May 2023
Riot Games
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The changes Riot Games made are expected to make it easier for players to analyze their own gameplay and improve their skills in League of Legends. 

Riot, the developer of the popular online game League of Legends,  has made significant changes to the scoreboard in their most recent patch. Among the new features added is an in-game report system that many players are sure to find useful. However, the developers are not done yet and have plans to improve the scoreboard even further.

Riot's Probama has revealed on Reddit some of the other plans they have in store for the scoreboard UI. They aim to update and enhance it in various ways. These include adding more detailed information about players' performance, such as how many wards they've placed, how many objectives they've taken, and more.

With more information at their fingertips, players can make better decisions during gameplay and strategize more effectively with their teammates. The new scoreboard UI is sure to be a welcome addition for all players of League of Legends.

UI Changes

The most recent League of Legends patch, 13.9, introduced several changes to the scoreboard, including the addition of an in-game report system. However, some older features were removed or altered, which has led Riot to announce plans for further updates in an upcoming patch. 

Riot's Probama has stated that the team is looking to reintroduce the missing player icon into the scoreboard. This is an important feature for players as it allows them to quickly identify their teammates and opponents during gameplay. The developers are currently exploring different ways to implement the icon, but it may not be added in the next patch. 

Also, one of the changes includes swapping the positions of the self mute and mute-all buttons, which is expected to be a quick and easy fix.

Another change that Riot plans to make is to bring back the option to fully-mute a player without having to use the menu. Currently, players can fully mute someone through the scoreboard, but this is considered a medium-difficulty task and has a lower priority.


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