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Jump Force Season 3 should be a no-brainer for Bandai Namco

Published: 13:26, 25 February 2021
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Grimmjow versus Kenshin in Jump Force
Grimmjow versus Kenshin... What a battle!

Jump Force has drawn in countless anime and manga fans by its impressive roster of popular names from the Shonen Jump universe. However, despite receiving a bunch of new DLC characters, the players want to see even more added to the game.

Ever since its release back in February 2019, Jump Force has managed to push its way up the ladder and become the go-to fighting game for numerous fans of the genre, especially for those who know their anime and manga.

Yes, some players weren't exactly thrilled with the story and the way in which certain elements were presented, but the story is most definitely not the number one thing that comes to mind when one thinks "crossover anime arena brawler" that is Jump Force, so it's far from a game-breaking deal.

Those who like the game for what it is have mostly enjoyed seeing their favourite anime/manga characters take part in battles that they could only dream of before.

The obvious choices, like Goku versus Naruto, are a given, but some crazy match-ups, such as Vegeta versus Kaiba for example, certainly present Jump Force with a unique aspect that makes it so worth playing over and over again.

It also helps that Bandai Namco have been expanding the game's roster from day one by a variety of new faces joining in on the fun through DLC, thereby broadening its appeal to numerous anime and manga fandoms, most of which are absolutely gigantic in size.

Each new character managed to breathe more life into the game as fans of multiple Shonen Jump worlds got to see their favourite hero or villain make the cut.

And it is this very fact that makes it obvious that the publisher needs to continue supporting the game and add even more names to its arsenal of fighters. Given that there are so many more awesome characters out there - Season 3 for Jump Force simply needs to happen.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Blue Eyes White Dragon about to attack Yugi in Jump Force. Blue Eyes White Dragon looks absolutely epic in the game.

The best example that this is exactly what the fans want is the game's subreddit that's just teeming with character wishlists and posts of people hoping to see Season 3 introduced to the game.

We have reached out to Bandai Namco and asked about their plans regarding a potential Season 3 of characters for Jump Force, but we have not received any answer as of yet. If we do, we will make sure to update this article accordingly.

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