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Invisible Guardians will see less in next season of Destiny 2

Published: 05:39, 05 December 2022
Destiny 2 - Void Hunter
Destiny 2 - Void Hunter

Void Hunters will probably be unhappy with the next season of Destiny 2 as their main trick in PvP will be significantly diminished.

Each subclass in Destiny 2  has its own gimmick and while Titans and Warlocks have support capabilities with Void builds, Hunters have to rely on stealth and provide it for allies.

This proved to be a bit of a mess in high-level PvP so Bungie decided to step in and nerf invisibility for Season 19 which will cause the players into more risk if they want to prowl the arena.

As you may know already, invisible enemies do not appear on the radar unless they are six meters or less away from you, at which point the immediate circle around your dot on the radar will flash red.

This denial of information is a significant advantage in PvP and Season 19 will bring a balancing change in that particular field.

Namely, invisible Guardians will not be able to detect enemies that are at a distance through their radar - only the ones at 24 meters or closer will be detected, which is roughly the same as the range where damage dropoff kicks in for 140 RPM hand cannons.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Iron Banner Invisible shotgun rushers will still be extremely dangerous

Therefore, if enemies are staying back at long distances with sniper, scout or pulse rifles, the invisible Guardian will have to visually spot them, instead of letting the radar pick targets for them.

This change will have no effect at shorter ranges so if you are equipped for close to mid-range combat, be on the lookout for that shimmering visage because it already knows where you are.


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