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Winter Convergence in New World to get a world boss, like Halloween

Published: 20:57, 01 December 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Winter Convergence 2022
New World - Winter Convergence 2022

There is a new twist coming to Winter Convergence in New World as the players will encounter more than just gifts and time-limited loot.

New World  is getting ready to celebrate the Winter Convergence just as the hunt for Turkulon concludes on December 6, 2022.

When the winter event kicks in, it will bring a lot of the content that was experienced during the same time in 2021 back but it will also introduce a few changes and improvements.

During the latest Dev Update video, Amazon Game Studios detailed what the fans can expect, including the new world boss and a semi-new expedition.

First, there is the Winter Warrior who serves as the antagonist of the event, much like Baalphazu did with Halloween. It is a world boss that is meant to be taken down by 15 to 20 players but there is no one stopping people from obliterating the upper limit.

Therefore, if a train of 50 players were to grind this guy into fine snow, hardly anyone would complain. The devs mentioned new rewards but it's unclear what they will be, except for the likes of a new Greatsword or Blunderbuss, the weapons that weren't present back in 2021.

Settlements will once again be decorated for the event and this includes New Corsica, which found itself in the middle of the blistering heat of Brimstone Sands.


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