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Destiny 2 to buff Borealis significantly in Season 19

Published: 04:39, 03 December 2022
Borealis, one of the weakest Exotics in Destiny 2
Borealis, one of the weakest Exotics in Destiny 2

Bungie is looking to make Borealis useful which means pretty significant buffs that might even justify the Exotic slot.

Exotic weapons need to be really powerful or synergize very well with a Guardian's build in Destiny 2 to justify using them since only one can be equipped at a time.

Some, like DARCI or Borealis, just don't excel at their job enough to be used which is why Bungie decided to buff the latter for Season 19 as being featured in a niche build from time to time doesn't mean it gets enough usage.

First, there is the Fundamentals buff that will apply to all Exotics that can switch their elemental damage such as Hard Light and Borealis.

Each of the elements will add buffs the same way Elemental Capacitor does, so when you have your Borealis set on Arc, it will have better handling and range while Solar will provide better reload speed and airborne effectiveness.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Hard Light Destiny 2 - Hard Light will be much better with the Fundamentals buffs

Void will passively give stability and aim assist bonuses. On top of the Funamentals buff, Borealis will qualify for some beefing up of its own. 

Breaking a shield of the same element as the one currently used by Borealis will refill the weapon from reserves and the next five shots will deal bonus damage for some of the best burst a player can get out of a weapon.

Furthermore, the boost will not be disabled by reloading so if you pick up a green brick after the automatic reload, you will still get the extra damage.


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