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Shotguns are getting custom reticles in Destiny 2 next season

Published: 04:14, 03 December 2022
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie

Destiny 2 is adding more consistency to the randomness when it comes to one-shoting people as the devs will try to make the aiming skill of the player count.

Shotguns are notorious in Destiny 2 for their years-long dominance due to the easy-to-access one-shot potential as most were capable of deleting a Guardian without even having to aim down the sights.

This led to ceaseless frustration in the PvP modes and Bungie nerfed the weapon type several times over but with Season 19, they are merely introducing a change that should make it more consistent for the users.

Additionally, it might prove to be less frustrating for the opponents as well since it will actually require some aiming skill now.

Each shotgun archetype will receive a different reticle that designates how the pellets will spread, reducing the randomness in one-shot kills since the pellets should follow the predicted trajectory instead of going wherever they please at any given moment.

Aggressive shotgun spread will resemble a snowflake and will mostly have the same limits and reticle as the current one used for all the shotguns. There are seven angles that will designate the pellets that land furthest from the centre.

Bungie A Shotgun for Iron Banner event in Destiny 2 Slug shotties will be more precise than ever

Precision shotguns, including Duality's hip-fire, will have a vertical ellipse spread so aiming slightly above centre mass will be ideal for these.

Lightweight shotguns will have a diamond shaped reticle as the horizontal spread is slightly higher than vertical.

Rapid-fire shotguns will have a square reticle and the spread will all be inside that box.

Finally, the slug shotguns will retain the same reticle as the current one but they will feature a crosshair within it to better show where the slug will fly.


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