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Insomniac's Wolverine game release window and direction leaked

Published: 17:56, 02 February 2023
Updated: 17:59, 02 February 2023
Insomniac Games
Marvel's Wolverine
Marvel's Wolverine

Wolverine is garnering a lot of attention long before any gameplay or story is even shown but thankfully, a leak or two are here to spice up the hype.

PlayStation showcase caught a lot of hype with the announcement of Marvel's Wolverine , in development by Insomniac , but the details were exceedingly rare, until recently.

Now it looks like the game is aiming for an autumn 2024 release date although there is the possibility of it moving to some point in 2025. In other words, we are still fairly far away from seeing Logan's exploits.

That said, the details about the game's direction may actually be more interesting than the release window itself.

According to Jeff Grubb , who revealed the info in the first place, the studio is aiming for a game rated "hard R" so it's safe to say Wolverine's claws will not be there just for show.

It also looks like we will be playing as Logan before he became part of the X-Men so expect a crude version of the character with a lot of booze, smoking and profanity involved.

With all that in mind, the softer version of the Marvel universe we see in cinemas will not be connected to this gritty Logan in any way. Marvel's Wolverine will have a separate universe so it won't be constrained by any rules or guidances the other franchises may have.


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