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Hitman Freelancer gets a launch cinematic

Published: 07:47, 13 January 2023
hitman 2 artwork showing agent 47 on a beach
Agent 47 is set for a sunny holiday

Agent 47 is in for a series of good news as the latest game mode gets a trailer a couple of weeks ahead of launch.

Hitman games are getting consolidated into World of Assassination which will make it much easier for potential new players to navigate their purchases, without having to worry about a million and one tiny bit of content they might miss.

While huge, IO Interactive didn't stop there and the anticipated Hitman Freelancer mode is getting launched on January 26, 2023.

For those not familiar with it, the mode basically strips away the fancy support Agent 47 has in the base game and you have to do all the preparation by yourself.

Gone are the days of the organisation giving you all the intel, equipment and targets that you need. Now the player has expanded freedom but also additional kinks to work out before pulling the trigger.

Freelancer mode is big on strategic planning and adds randomised elements that are created independently of each other. This leads to situations where an objective may not be possible to complete but the player only needs to ensure that a payout objective is possible.

Agent 47 can do this by bringing the right gear or choosing the right combination of location, gear and objectives. In other words - the entire hit depends on the player organising the outing, from start to finish.


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