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Hitman devs are working on a brand new multiplayer game

Published: 11:01, 15 April 2021
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Hitman 3, Dubai level
Hitman 3, Dubai

IO Interactive are currently on a hiring spree for their next project which will feature multiplayer elements. The game will continue the studio's "immersive mastery" except on "a whole other level of player interaction".

Copenhagen-based developer IO Interactive have been on the rise over the last several years with their Hitman franchise, which has been praised by both fans and critics. The latest game in the series, Hitman 3, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, confirming that IO Interactive are one of the most underrated studios in the gaming industry.

Recently, it's been announced that IO will be working on a brand new James Bond game currently codenamed Project 007, which is certainly exciting news. In addition to this project, it seems that the developer also have another game in the works. 

According to  a job listing on their official website , the studio are cooking a brand new game and concept "that will continue the immersive mastery we got you used to, except on a whole other level of player interaction."

To achieve this, they are looking for a  Multiplayer Network Programmer to join their multiplayer team. The ideal candidate will get to extend the technology of their in-house Glacier engine with multiplayer capabilities. 

Io Interactive Io Interactive Io Interactive

Sadly, the details about this project end here so it's really hard to tell if this is a brand new project or Project 007 will have some kind of multiplayer aspect. Hopefully, we'll get more details about this very soon.

Until then, there's plenty of Hitman 3 content on the way for us to enjoy. 

Hitman 3, IO Interactive's conclusion to the trilogy

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Hitman 3, IO Interactive

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