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Hitman 3 EGS exclusivity causes PC players to pay for levels they already bought

Published: 02:49, 16 January 2021
IO Interactive
Hitman 3 official art showing Agent 47 holding a silenced gun

IO Interactive promised that locations from previous Hitman games would be allowed for import to Hitman 3 but the timed exclusivity with Epic Games Store may spell out a different story.

IO Interactive released an FAQ that dealt with many uncertainties and explained how the progress and location importing would work when it comes to connecting Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 games.

In a twist on the usual note of compatibility and ease of transfer, console users will not have any issues importing their content into the third game while PC users will have to jump through hoops and pay again for a game they already purchased.

Console users will simply carry their progress and unlocks from previous Hitman games to Hitman 3 while PC users hit a snag in the form of timed exclusivity on Epic Games Store.

Namely, the first two games were on Steam and different storefront means the progress will not be imported to the other one. The first Hitman game will be granted on EGS at no extra charge, provided players purchase the game on EGS within the first 10 days so the locations will be unlockable as DLC at no extra charge.

This is not the case with Hitman 2 though, since it's not available on EGS. It also means progress and unlocks from that game can't be integrated into Hitman 3 without purchasing the access pass . In other words, PC players will have to pay once again to carry these unlocks over while console players get them at no extra charge.

There is an 80 per cent discount on the access pass for the first two weeks of Hitman 3 launch on EGS but that hardly excuses having to pay once again for something players already paid for. 

On top of that, the complication arose when EGS exclusivity came into play, and it's already known that such deals don't come without a payout from Epic Games. In short, it certainly looks like IOI are both taking Epic's money and trying to double dip with the PC customers.

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